Services and Benefits

As a member of the Association of Academic Agronomists, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits and services. For example, the union office provides legal advice on work contracts, employment, pay and personal career development. The Association provides advice on pay and employment issues.

The Association offers information on the labour market as well as tools for making improvements. Job centre services are provided on the Association’s website with advice available on career issues and job seeking (in Finnish). By participating in the Mentoring, you will be able to expand your personal network and learn more about work life or pass on your own knowledge to a new generation of experts.
Additionally, you will receive four issues of the Alimenta Magazine and, if you wish, an Akava calendar delivered to your home.

Employment and public-service relationship counselling free of charge

Employment and public-service relationship counselling is available for members free of charge by e-mail at:


In order to ensure quick service, we kindly request our members to use this employment relationship counselling e-mail address in all matters related to this topic.

Questions submitted by e-mail are answered by Negotiations Manager, Legal Counsel Linda Kanniainen and Negotiations Manager Outi Parikka or, when they are unavailable, by the Asianajotoimisto Aika’s employment relationship counsels.

Telephone counselling also available

Telephone counselling is provided for private-sector employees by Linda Kanniainen and for state, municipality and university employees by Outi Parikka. The Association has an on-call duty agreement with Asianajotoimisto Aika, where the members’ queries are directed when the Association’s counsels are unavailable. During these times, the legal counselling service hours are Mon-Fri 10 a.m.–16 p.m.