Advocacy in cooperation

Advocacy of the interests of the members

The Association of Academic Agronomists looks after the interests of its members in terms of pay, professional advancement and social policy in order to guarantee competitive salaries and fair terms of employment. The Association:

  • Advocates unionization and fair income levels.
  • Develops the professional skills of its members and the standard of education in the field.
  • Works in collaboration with other trade unions.
  • Monitors the position of its members in the labour market and provides assistance with career choice and employment.
  • Issues statements and submits proposals to the authorities and various organizations.
  • Participates in collective bargaining in its designated role.

The Association of Academic Agronomists supports its members by means of SUOMI KASVAA RUOASTA grants and stipends and by providing professional assistance in cases of problems at the workplace or in the face of new career developments.

The highest decision-making body in the Association is the 25-strong Council that normally convenes twice a year and is chaired by agronomist Simo Tiainen, M.Sc. (Agriculture and Forestry). The Association’s Executive Board comprising seven members meets approximately once a month and is chaired by agronomist Jyrki Isotalo, M.Sc.

The various committees are groups appointed by the Association of Academic Agronomists to discharge specific functions related to its core tasks. The members invited to join the committees are experts in the individual fields involved.

The foundations operating under the auspices of the Association of Academic Agronomists award grants and stipends worth tens of thousands of euros every year. The management boards of the foundations include members of the Association’s office staff and elected officials as well as other invited individuals.

Efficiency calls for cooperation

The Association of Academic Agronomists is affiliated with Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland, which looks after the members’ professional and financial interests in cooperation with the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO and the Federation of Professional Staff YTN.

Issues related to a broader advocacy of interests, such as social, educational and employment policies, pension issues and international cooperation, are handled together with the central organization Akava.

Additionally, the Association is active in Vakava, a cooperation network created by 15 Akava unions.